Steps to choose the right property for you in Dubai

1. Choose your Real Estate Agent carefully. 
We advise you to seek assistance from a qualified experienced Agent. In Dubai, your agent should have a RERA License (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and work with a Licensed Real Estate Company that has a RERA ORN (Office registration No.) The right Real Estate Agent will ensure your property investment journey in Dubai goes as smoothly as possible and is a positive experience from start to finish. , it is prudent to hire a registered broker to tackle all the paperwork. Your agent will educate you on the Developers reputation, particularly with respect to quality, timely delivery of units and past projects.

2. The Purpose behind the purchase, Investment? Personal Use?
If it's an investment buy and you want your property in Dubai to be an income generator with High ROI. You may consider Renting your property on long term lease or short term rental. There are pros & cons to both, which we can go into more details in our next blog post "Short Term Rental or Annual Rental: Weighing the benefits of each". If the purpose is self-use, establish a budget and identify key requirements based on the following: such as actual unit size, distance to workplace, schools, retail and public transport.

3. Determine your Budget to determine your budget, you must identify your current available down payment, and your ability to commit to future costs, such as future installments as set out by the developer.

4. Location, Location, Location! One of the most important considerations when buying a property in Dubai is the location. Here are a few tips to consider that will add value to your property whether its personal use or investment.

  • Proximity to businesses and financial centre areas i.e. workplace.
  • Proximity to schools, Shopping Malls, Recreational facilities, public transport such as Metro, Bus and taxis. Also sporting facilities and entertainment arenas.

5. P.K.Properties  established in 2002, is one of the most established Dubai Real Estate Brokerages. We provide a bespoke Dubai property buying service, making sure you find the right Dubai property whilst supporting you throughout the buying process.
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